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СTC Media became the first TV company in Russia to launch a specialized thematic channel. When the Domashny television channel was first launched in March 2005, it was a bold experiment. It became the first channel to gamble solely on targeting the specific interests of women aged 25-59.

Domashny was also the first Russian TV channel to introduce a multi-genre TV network format. Only Domashny offers a unique TV viewing experience that combines practically all TV genres, which not only complement each other but also touch on a multitude of real life issues.

Domashny responds swiftly to current affairs and is constantly adapting to meet the forever changing needs of its audience. Our women are always ready for change, both external and internal. Encouraging a positive worldview is both the channel’s main philosophy and its distinguishing feature.

In October 2014, the channel performed successful restyling and presented an animated logo of the channel which was unique in the Russian market.

The channel’s technical penetration in Russia is 93,6%.

The Domashny channel has received multiple awards from TEFI (Russian Television Academy), PROMAX BDA and PROMAX UK.

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