CHE! is an adventure and entertainment TV channel.

Programs broadcast by CHE! TV tell about real life with thrilling events, travels, dreams, humour, entertainment and excitement.

The core of the brand are top international TV shows, world screen hits, favorite Russian movies and original production programs.

CHE! motto is “Live a brighter life!”

On August 2018 the channel redesigned its logo and content policy. The new brand is about freedom and courage, energy and passion, humour and fascination.

CHE! TV airs own-produced shows: “Solver” (“Reshala”), “Utilizer” (“Utilizator”), “Road Wars” (“Dorozhnye voiny”), “Extreme Videos” (“Uletnoye video”) and “+100500”; new entertaining shows: “Jokers” (“Shutniki”), “Superchef”, “Backpack” (“Rukzak”), “Incredible Stories” (“Neveroyatnye istorii”) etc.

Most popular TV shows in the channel’s “Big Series” slot are “Prison Break”, “Westworld”, “House of Cards”, “Homeland”, “Fargo”, “The Young Pope”, “Vikings”, “White Collar” etc.

Head of CHE! channel is Elena Karpenko.

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*Che TV channel is using the frequency band used by Peretz. Peretz was launched in 1999 under the name of Daryal TV (from 2002 - DTV). In 2008, CTC Media acquired the channel from Modern Times Group MTG AB. On October 2011 the channel was relaunched in a new format as Peretz.