We make the life brighter!

We create stories that inspire our viewers and promote vivid and positive emotions.


A leading media company in Russia setting new standards in media entertainment



  • We strive to be #1 in the development and implementation of ideas.
  • We set the benchmark with our state-of-the-art methods of studying audience needs, for which we adopt global best practices along with our own original methods.
  • We offer our viewers new vivid emotions in a modern and entertaining format.


  • The most successful are those who think outside of the box.
  • We constantly look for ways of being more creative, we remain on top of new trends and we create vivid and unforgettable images, while staying ahead of the game.
  • We come up with unique and original solutions to any type of problem.


  • Our daily work is guided by moral and ethical values.
  • Our business is based on honesty, transparency and sound ethics towards viewers, employees, partners, shareholders and authorities.
  • We increase our profits to improve the quality of our content for our viewers, to provide comfortable conditions for our employees and to generate higher returns on our shareholders’ investments.


  • We love what we do and wish to share our enthusiasm with others.
  • We aim to inspire and raise spirits with our positive attitude.
  • We work with passion and dedication, always striving to be the best.
  • Our commitment to CTC Media and to what we do enables us to achieve our goals and have fun while doing it!