Corporate Responsibility

CTC Media recognizes its obligation to grow responsibly while engaging with its stakeholders. The company strives to align itself with the standards of good corporate citizenship. This involves following best practice in communicating with its customers and wider communities, providing opportunities for employees, engaging with governments and regulatory agencies, and complying with health and safety standards.


Our success stems from the high value we place on our customers, tailoring our programs to meet the preferences of the viewing public. We strive to meet the varying interests of our audience.


We uphold the values of respect for the individual and the importance of team work, creating an integrated and collaborative network. CTC fosters an atmosphere of participation, respect and appreciation.


We respect the principle of good management and understand our responsibilities to both the public and private sectors. CTC seeks to promote consistent and ethical standards across its networks maintaining due impartiality in all broadcasting, locally and nationally.

Health and Safety

As a company we take issues of health and safety seriously, ensuring a safe working environment for all.


We seek to respond to the interests of the communities with which we work, raising social awareness and keeping our responsibility as citizens always in mind.

Being one of the key players at the Russian TV market, CTC Media implements the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility by helping to resolve critical social issues.